Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Interpreter

She comes from all walks of life,

She comes in all different shapes, sizes, race, and cultures

She, can really be a “he” but she knows better than to say “he or his” to protect the confidentiality of an assignment. there are so few men and guys we need you!

She is proficient in English and American Sign Language, not brail,

And has been forever changed by ASL’s beauty and the amazing Deaf and Hard-of-hearing people who speak it.

She may be Hearing, Deaf or Hard-of-hearing

She may be a CODA ([hearing]Child of Deaf Adults), SODA (Sibling of Deaf Adult(s), or NERDA (Not Even Related to Deaf Adults)

She knows all the acronyms to the Deaf Community

She has the most boring wardrobe of anyone she knows

When on assignment she doesn’t wear nail polish or jewelry, with the exception of a wedding ring.

She knows that her clients are both the Deaf people AND the hearing people
Not just, “Those poor deaf people” as the hearing people who don’t know any better call them.

She facilitates communication and filters out all personal opinions while conveying the message and knows “It’s not about me, it’s about the work”

She knows the difference between PAH, CHA and STA, (yes there is a difference) as well as FINISH & “FIIISH”

She is an advocate                            

She never stops learning

A dictionary and the Green Book are her best friends

She takes confidentiality seriously and for those “I can’t believe I did that” times she has a confidant she can go to. She starts the story with “So hypothetically this happened” and ends it with “Hypothetically.”

And most importantly, she’s a person just the same as anyone else in this world.

By Jennica Webb

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